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Kathleen Voss

Director of College Admission Advising

Kathleen’s college admission experience spans nearly 30 years. She’s worked at a small, selective college outside Boston, a mid-sized urban, private institution in NYC, a prestigious, private high school in Washington DC, and most recently, a large, “highly-selective” university in the South.  She has presented to hundreds of high school students, parents and colleagues, has read thousands of college essays and applications for admission, and has been invited to speak at high schools all over the nation.

From Kathleen:

“I love what I do and find joy in helping young people find their way.  As a college admission professional and mother to high school aged kids, I have often been the “admission mom”  for young people in my neighborhood, the local swim team, at my church and for the children of friends and family.  We have all seen the College Admission process become more complicated and intimidating.  The events of the past year have generated even more questions and concerns about a young person’s path to the future.  Whether it is answering simple college admission questions, assisting with an essay or working with a student to create a comprehensive college list, my goal is to make this process less stressful and more fulfilling for the student.  I am here to help.”