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HigherEd Metrics®

Cost-Saving Data Intelligence Tools for Higher Education

Industry research shows that schools are facing increasing challenges across all areas of the college lifecycle.  From recruiting & admissions, to financial aid packaging & retention, decreases in the available pool of college-bound students nationwide make it more important than ever to hold on to the students you have.

HigherEd Metrics® provides real-time analytics to identify factors negatively impacting your school’s admissions, enrollment, & retention rates.

The HigherEd Metrics® platform delivers customized data solutions and tools to help you address areas of critical financial concern to you, and design strategies to improve your financial results.

Key Objectives
  • Improve student retention
  • Increase student receivables & lower risk reserves
  • Increase student financial literacy
  • Increase graduation rates
 School benefits
  • Provides cost-saving automation of manual processes
  • Uses benchmarking data to identify & understand problem areas
  • Quantifies accounts & student service levels for improved retention
  • Provides predictive analytics & forecasting of graduation rates
  • Quick turnaround – analysis & recommendations usually delivered in 7-10 business days

HigherEd Metrics® is fully customizable

Modules are designed for each stage in the college lifecycle & function alone, in groups, or as a fully integrated platform.

With HigherEd Metrics® you have the ability to select only those modules that address your specific area of concern.  Your data is seemlessly integrated from any student information system without any additional development effort on your part.

High School Recruiting

  • Tools to help identify eligible students in wider markets
  • Helps automate the search, saving you time & money
  • Identifies new methods & perspectives for successful recruiting strategies
  • Delivers campaigns that can increase demand for your school & assist with identifying students that want to apply

Financial Aid Packaging

  • Tools to help build competitive aid packages
  • Helps design award packages to attract the students & class your school desires
  • Helps identify ways to help students with unmet need find additional funding to help them stay in school

Academic Advising

  • Assists academic advisors across the full academic cycle
  • Module sets the stage for advisors to learn about their students quickly in order to guide them
  • Tools increase retention & ensure there is a good fit for continued success through graduation & beyond

Retention & Wellness

  • Actively manage student drop rates & re-enrollment through communication
  • HigherEd Metrics®, through our research & institutional intelligence, can find trends in data that infer progress or indicate that a student is facing challenges
  • HigherEd Metrics® tracks factors that predict the propensity for drops so schools can work with at-risk students & better manage re-enrollment

College Admissions

  • Automates admissions tasks to save you time & resources
  • Tools that automate the search & identify methods for sustainable growth
  • Helps identify students that are eligible & more likely to enroll
  • Improves the admissions process to meet enrollment objectives


  • Tools to simplify the enrollment process for students & staff
  • Can transform your enrollment department into a self-service center
  • Process automation & online tools makes it easy for enrollment professionals to respond to questions from students & parents


  • Automate strategic messages to students throughout the year
  • Module sends announcements in multiple contact areas to reinforce important information
  • Automated tools remind students to enroll, submit a form, register to attend an event, add/drop a course, etc.

Student Financial Services

  • Automate SFS processes, improve accuracy & free up key resources
  • Automates your institution’s financial metrics to provide year over year analysis of financial aid awards, student payments, third-party vendor payments and performance information
  • Process automation saves time and money that can be allocated to other important financial projects

HigherEd Metrics® is a product of Mined Systems, a data intelligence firm providing predictive modeling for higher education, financial services, and risk management clients through the use of custom-configured and right-sized web platforms.  Iron Bridge Resources has teamed with HigherEd Metrics® to make custom data solutions available to higher education institutions nationwide.