Interim Staffing for Student Services

Iron Bridge Resources places specialized, trained professional staff at all job levels within Student Services.

Financial Aid Training

We familiarize financial aid officers with the U.S. tax code and how tax transcripts relate to their professional responsibilities.

Other Services

Iron Bridge Resources has experienced consultants and a broad network of professional contacts in many areas.

Why Iron Bridge Resources?

Higher education is a specialized world. When you need help, you need professionals who are experts in your unique business. That’s where we come in. Iron Bridge Resources provides staffing, financial aid training, registrar solutions, and business support designed specifically for higher education. Our consultants are industry experts in financial aid, bursar/student accounts, registrar, and enrollment management. They understand the challenges you face. So when you need an experienced consultant, contact us.

No new hires. No long-term commitment. We get the job done and we’re gone. Simple, right?


Interim Staffing for Student Services

Iron Bridge Resources provides interim coverage of trained professional staff for any Student Services function while you search for a replacement, fill a short-term vacancy due to leave of absence, respond to cyclical business needs, or support special projects and reports in all departments as they arise.