Interim Staffing for Student Services
The percentage of business clients who say that consulting companies offer flexibility so they can keep fully staffed during busy times.

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Howard McGinn

Chief Executive Officer

Interim Staffing for All Job Levels within Student Services

Iron Bridge Resources provides interim coverage of trained professional staff for any Student Services function while you search for a replacement, fill a short-term vacancy, respond to cyclical business needs, or support special projects and reports in all departments as they arise.

We place specialized, trained professional staff at all job levels including counselor, associate director and director for:

Financial Aid

  • Support and assist with office operations and delivery of student aid
  • Provide leadership, supervision, and training to staff
  • Review applications, perform verification, and calculate awards
  • Conduct loan certification, origination, and reconciliation functions
  • Provide debt management and financial literacy counseling
  • Provide technical expertise and leadership with multi-informational systems and databases


  • Assist with invoices, payments, deposits, refunds and holds
  • Perform customer service, communications and reporting
  • Assist operations with billing, receivables and cashier functions
  • Prepare reports, audits and fiscal summaries


  • Process and maintain student records
  • Handle transcripts, enrollment verification and graduation plans
  • Assist with articulation activities, course evaluation and transfer guidelines
  • Manage reports and special projects

Enrollment Management

  • Assist with accreditation oversight and management
  • Provide financial aid and admissions operational assessments
  • Provide recruitment assistance, outreach and promotion
  • Assist with preparation and/or response to audits and program reviews