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Jim Murphy

Senior Consultant, Special Projects

Jim has over 40 years of enrollment management experience.  He began his career at what is now New York City College of Technology and held several financial aid positions there before leaving in 1984 to join Baruch College.

At Baruch, Jim worked his way up through the ranks of financial aid and admissions, ultimately achieving the position of Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management.  During his 22-year tenure, Jim was responsible for the entire lifecycle of Baruch’s students, from recruiting, to admissions, to registration, financial aid processing, grading, and ultimately, graduation.

In 2006 Jim was appointed Associate Dean for Enrollment Management at City University of New York (CUNY).   He was eventually promoted to Dean of Enrollment Management where he was responsible for all day-to-day operations related to admission, registrar, and financial aid activities for the entire CUNY system. Jim frequently represented CUNY at New York State Legislative Hearings and New York City Council hearings on student enrollment issues.  When he retired, CUNY enrolled approximately 270,000 students who received over $1.2 billion in financial aid annually.

During his career, Jim was very active in several professional financial aid associations (FAAs), including NASFAA (national), EASFAA (eastern), and NYSFAA (New York State), where he chaired a number of committees, presented workshops, and organized many training seminars.

Jim holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from St. John’s University and Masters in Higher Education Management from Baruch College. He is the recipient of over three dozen awards for his work in enrollment management. He lives in Connecticut with his family.